Quick how to (without pictures :)) synchronize gpe-calendar (Nokia770) with Google Calendar in ten steps.
Require: Nokia 770 with gpe-calendar from Kernel Concepts, host computer (linux with opensync packages).

For this example:
Nokia 770 connected via WLAN. IP:
Host computer connected via cable. IP:

0. On N770: install gpesyncd from my repository

00. Allow host to synchronize. On N770 open xterm, type:

    echo "" > /home/user/.gpe/gpesyncd.allow

000. Create account - go to Google Calendar

1. Install opensync with plugins.

For debian sid users: add

to /etc/apt/sources.list. Next install some packages:

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install msynctool libopensync-plugin-google-calendar libopensync-plugin-gpe python-xml

2. List installed plugins:

    # msynctool --listplugins

3. Add group

    # msynctool --addgroup gpe-googlecalendar

4. Add first member - gpe-sync plugin

    # msynctool --addmember gpe-googlecalendar gpe-sync

5. Add second member - google-calendar

    # msynctool --addmember gpe-googlecalendar google-calendar

6. Test group

    # msynctool --showgroup gpe-googlecalendar
    Groupname: gpe-googlecalendar
    Member 1: gpe-sync
    Member 2: google-calendar

7. Configure first plugin

    # msynctool --configure gpe-googlecalendar 1

Handheld IP: (N770's IP. Run xterm and type /sbin/ifconfig wlan0.)
Handheld port: 6446
Handheld user: user
Use SSH: 0

8. Configure second plugin

    # msynctool --configure gpe-googlecalendar 2

Replace USER and PASSWORD with yours user & password google calendar account.

9. Test configuration

    # msynctool --showgroup gpe-googlecalendar
    Groupname: gpe-googlecalendar
    Member 1: gpe-sync
        Configuration : <config>
    Member 2: google-calendar
        Configuration : <config>
        <url>http ://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/USER@gmail.com/private/full</url>

10. Sychronize!

    # msynctool --sync gpe-googlecalendar

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